A Note from Our Founders

We are intrepid travelers and we especially LOVE traveling around the Middle East. I'm pretty sure we've never met nicer people than in Syria or more fun folk than in Tel Aviv or Beruit. The whole region is fascinating to us: the art, the literature, the food...the history!

When we heard about Seeds Of Peace®, supporting it was a total no brainer. The idea of bringing these kids together…young "enemies" who have never even met, coming together in beautiful Maine and leaving as friends forever. Who could not embrace such an endeavor? They are, after all, the future.

And wow! The people who "run" Seeds Of Peace® are amazing; a more dedicated, selfless lot would be hard to find. The whole experience has been great fun and so fulfilling.

For us, one day at the camp is a dose of inspiration and optimism for a year!

Bob & Steve

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