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Top 3 Personal Care Must-Haves

Top 3 Personal Care Must-Haves

It seems like once a week there’s a new report that links an ingredient to a disorder, or cancer, or some other ominous illness. Not to mention the chemicals in the packaging that might leach into the formulas. It’s unsettling. But, giving up products that you’ve used forever is not easy. In fact, switching your personal care products is risky; who wants to be smelly or to have yellow teeth? No one does.

Don’t worry. You can make the switch. Products without some of those questionable ingredients have been around for over 30 years. And, guess what, they really work. Here are the 3 Must Haves for you to easily transition to cleaner, greener personal care.

#1 – Deodorant: The ingredient “culprit” in conventional deodorants is Aluminum. Aluminum helps deliver the antiperspirant benefit of conventional deodorants. It works by closing your pores to essentially keep the sweat in. Unfortunately, Aluminum has been linked to breast cancer. Thankfully, there are lots of Aluminum and Aluminum Chlorohydrate free deodorants out there. And, guess what? They work. Kiss My Face has several Aluminum Free & Aluminum Chlorohydrate Free choices to help you stay fresh. Our deodorants are clinically proven to fight odor all day. In fact our Quick Dry Spray deodorant is clinically proven to fight odor for 24 hours.

#2 – Soap/Body Washes: The ingredient “culprit” in conventional soaps is SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate). SLS is a surfactant or cleansing agent that is said to cause excessive dryness and irritation. Some studies even link SLS to skin corrosion. Again, there are lots of choices. Kiss My Face Olive Bar Soap is 86% olive oil. (It’s so rich in Olive Oil that it moisturizes as it cleanses.) It’s SLS Free. Our Coconut Bar Soaps AND Shower Gels are also SLS Free. And, we think they all clean as well as any conventional soap.

#3 – Toothpaste: There are a few ingredient “culprits” in conventional toothpastes. There’s SLS and artificial colors, sweeteners and flavors. We already covered SLS above. (Now imagine those same effects in your mouth. Ugh… Some studies link artificial colors, sweeteners and flavors to cancer. It’s ok, you can still have fresh breath, clean teeth AND great taste! (We know that “natural”/unconventional toothpastes have a reputation of tasting bad.) Each Kiss My Face toothpaste is SLS, artificial colors, sweeteners and flavors free. We have gels and pastes, Fluoride Free and Anticavity Fluoride formulas. And, surprisingly, they all taste great!

Start with these 3 and you’re well on your way to cleaner, greener personal care. And, when you’re ready, Kiss My Face has an entire line of effective products that are Vegan, Cruelty Free, Paraben Free and Phthalate Free

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