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4 Ways To Have Naturally Kissable Lips

4 Ways To Have Naturally Kissable Lips
 Everyone always asks me…with a name like KISS MY FACE, how do you get a luscious Kiss with soft lips? I mean, doesn’t everybody want naturally kissable lips? Well, yes, I must say …that we may be experts in this department 😉

Lips are the entrance to our heart so to speak, so… it is with heartfelt concern that I share this update with you…when lips touch, one swaps spit and you may be swapping a chemical or two too! Boo hoo!

Put a cap on it already…the Petroleum based balms and use natural ones…like ours…USDA organic ones that are OXYBENZONE FREE with fruity flavors that will make a mouth water like it just bit into a peach! Start there…then…
passion fruit balm

  • Exfoliate those mother puckers… you can do this by mixing a bit of sugar and vinegar together, rubbing the mixture on your lips, then remove by gently scrubbing it off using your toothbrush…ya know get rid of the dry flaky skin left from the weather and the chemicals from the old balms… plus there will be a lingering sweetness left behind on those soft lips.
  • Another wonderfully natural way to enhance your lip care routine and keep those lips kissable is to rub coconut oil on them… remember, less is more so you really only have to do this once a week.
  • Want little extra plump on those lips? Use Clove Oil! A dab of this oil on your lips will plump those bad boys up and leave you with a perfectly puckered pout.
  • If you want lips that glow and are bright in color, the way to do it is…  Almond paste! That’s right! Almond paste will give your lips not just a beautiful shine, but your lips will glow and naturally, they will be softer and much more ready to smooch.

Or apply the Kiss My Face Balm…antioxidant fruit oil helps as an Alpha Hydroxy to slough off the rough stuff! You can glide on the creaminess of Organic Strawberry, Organic Sliced Peach, Organic Cranberry Orange , Organic Coconut Pineapple, Organic Ginger Mango or Organic Passion Fruit Lip Balm!

NOW you are ready to NECK: Naturally Effective Cruelty free KISS! MUAH!

Read more about the natural ingredients that Kiss My Face uses – and the chemical compounds we don’t use – in our FREE eBook, “Green Goddess Ingredient Guide.”

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