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Benefits Of Natural Deodorant

Benefits Of Natural Deodorant

There are countless benefits to using natural deodorant instead of the everyday brands. And I’m sure you will be pleasantly surprised to find out what these benefits are.

Let’s go over a few of them:

  • No ‘sweat blockers.’
    Aluminum Chlorohydrate is a compound used to block pores from sweating. This process creates a chemical reaction with your sweat that clumps and clogs up your sweat glands – yuck!
    Some believe there is a link between Aluminum Chlorohydrate and breast cancer. Kiss My Face chooses to make deodorants, not anti-perspirants, that contain odor absorbing natural ingredients.
  • Cleaner shave.
    Another cool benefit is that since your skin less likely to be irritated, you will find you get a cleaner shave under your arms that lasts longer! Who doesn’t want that?!
  • No residue.
    Oh, and that cute white t-shirt you have will stay white while you’re doing something healthy for your body.

So, now you have read a few benefits of natural deodorant.  I’m just going to assume you’re sold on the idea (let’s be honest – who wouldn’t be?), but now what?

You might be wondering – Can I make my own?

The answer is yes! And it’s probably ten times simpler than you thought.

Now for a couple of these simple recipes:

  1. Lemon juice.
    Yup that’s it. The citric acid in lemon juice can kill odor-causing bacteria on those pits.
    Some people even swear by swiping their pits with a lemon slice as well. Just be cautious as to not test this method on freshly shaved armpits, OUCH!
  2. Baking soda.
    Mix a bit of baking soda with water, (don’t dissolve), and rub under your arms.
    Or, mix one-part baking soda with six parts cornstarch and not only will you fight odor but prevent wetness as well.

Not the DIY type? No problem! Companies such as Kiss My Face are pros at this whole natural ingredient “thing” and have a whole line of products ready to use.

Between your regular stick deodorants, roll-on deos, and deodorant for sensitive skin, Kiss My Face has got you covered – the natural way!


You can read more about the natural ingredients that Kiss My Face uses – and the chemical compounds we don’t use – in our FREE eBook, “Green Goddess Ingredient Guide.”

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