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Going Green Beautifully ….without Going Broke

Going Green Beautifully ….without Going Broke

The holidays are over….now comes that time when many of us resolve to be better/do better in some way or another. Maybe your focus is on being on time or exercising more. Perhaps you want to get organized…or try to eat better. Maybe you want to “green up” your body care products, but you’re worried it’ll be too expensive.

We all know extreme resolutions are temporary…and pointless. If you can’t keep them up over time, you’re doomed to fail. So start small…every little bit helps.  If you want to make the switch to cleaner, greener body care products you don’t have to throw everything away and start from zero. Work on finding a few products that make you happy.

If you like KMF shower gel, shampoo or body lotion, maybe give them a try in economically-friendly 32 oz. bottles…they cost less and last longer. And they smell amazing… an aromatherapeutic bonus! Speaking of lotion, make sure you get the most from yours by applying it to damp skin when you get out of the shower. Moisturizer works by locking moisture into your skin.

More expensive doesn’t always mean better… especially when it comes to facial care. Check out KMF Potent & Pure Face Care products. They are surprisingly effective at a fraction of the cost of fancy beauty counter products. Under Age Ultra Hydrating Moisturizer is a winner, super rich and moisturizing for winter skin. Of course, Balancing Toner helps balance skin and gets it ready for your moisturizer. But did you know it is also good on a cotton ball for a quick clean when you’re feeling lazy? Face Factor SPF 30 or 50 also pulls double duty as a facial moisturizer and sunscreen…two products in one. Win, win.

An easy switch to make is to KMF Triple Action Toothpaste; it leaves your teeth and mouth clean and fresh, without any of the nasty ingredients (like SLS, bleach or triclosan) that can be in regular toothpaste. Whiter teeth are a snap with KMF Whitening toothpaste….cleaner, greener ingredients, amazing results and a price you can get on board with.

Another beauty tip on the cheap: coconut oil. It can be used pretty much everywhere. Hydrate your face, use on your body (on damp skin after a shower), help heal dry, cracked feet and elbows, use as a deep conditioner on dry hair. Costs pennies and works wonders. Coconut oil solidifies when it’s chilly, so warm it in your hands before applying.

Finally, good health and joy are the best cosmetic; when you’re healthy and happy, it shows. So here are a few (basically free) ways to take care of yourself and get happy!

  • Start your day with lemon and warm water. It helps with digestion, boosts your metabolism and is very alkalizing and hydrating.
  • Drink water all day long. Flushes toxins and helps you stay hydrated, both key to good health and feeling good.
  • Stretching is an amazingly simple way to self-care. Put it on your schedule and set an alert like it’s an important meeting (with yourself)… because it is. You won’t regret it.
  • Get outside. Studies show that being in nature has a positive effect on mood. Take a walk. Breathe some air.
  • Listen to music. Music is a major mood changer and a total energy booster.
  • Stop being so hard on yourself. No one can be fabulous all the time.

Glowing skin, cleaner ingredients and a beautiful smile on your face… (cuz your stretching, right?) It won’t happen overnight but taking small steps toward using cleaner, greener products make you a big winner.