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Kiss My Face Packaging: Certified BPA and Phthalate Free

Kiss My Face Packaging: Certified BPA and Phthalate Free

We recently completed certification processes with our plastic packaging vendors to ensure that all Kiss My Face plastics are BPA and phthalate free. We are proud of this additional step, because we value our natural environment as much as we value the health and happiness of our customers. We work hard to ensure that all Kiss My Face products are as clean and natural as possible, and we maintain that the packaging should be environmentally-friendly, as well.

Recently a group of health experts came together under Project TENDR and called for a reduction in toxic chemicals that can cause neurodevelopment disabilities in children. One toxic chemical that they called out is phthalates, for potentially disrupting endocrine systems. Other groups and studies have called out the chemical BPA in plastics. So, Kiss My Face is happy to announce that our plastics are now all Certified BPA and phthalate free. Every plastic tube, bottle, spray trigger and cap.

By keeping these chemicals out of our packaging we keep them from leaching in to our carefully formulated products. The Project TENDR release on toxic chemicals states: “Many toxic chemicals can interfere with healthy brain development, some at extremely low levels of exposure.” If you’re interested to learn more, here is the full statement by these scientists:

Just recently (July 21st), the Environmental Working Group released “the top 10 toxic chemicals the EPA should review now.” Phthalates are #3, and EWG says “These chemicals are linked to early puberty in girls and other reproductive harms. They show up in PVC plastic, toys and plastic wrap.” Next on their list, at #4, is BPA which they tie to infertility and other risks. Here is a link to their release on this subject:

(If you want to read even more, this Newsweek article from 2015 has the provocative headline, “BPA is fine if you ignore most studies about it”: )

We are proud, therefore, to announce that every supplier of plastic packaging of any kind to Kiss My Face has certified that those plastics are both BPA and phthalate free.  

For 35 years we have been making products clean and natural. We have always been Cruelty Free. And our Ethical Sourcing initiative strives to source all bottles, tubes and cans from North America, where the legal infrastructure helps ensure that workers making these products are treated fairly. Since we try to step as lightly on our planet as possible, we try and make our packaging as recyclable as possible. And several of our bottles are made from 25% post-recycled content, helping create needed demand streams for recycled plastics. Certified BPA and phthalate free plastics is just our latest step for you.


Steve Michaelson
CEO and #1 Smoocher
Always reachable at [email protected]

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