Vegan & Cruelty Free Personal Care

Welcome to Kiss My Face.  We’re excited that, in a world of digital overload, you decided to visit us!

For over 35 years, Kiss My Face has created mostly vegan, innovative personal care products with a healthy respect for our planet. A few of our products contain honey or beeswax. We began making 100% cruelty free products over 35 years ago, before it was popular.  Our cruelty free products are formulated to work as effectively as conventional products. In fact, throughout the years, we’ve conducted 3rd party product testing and found that our products are consistently better than other natural AND non-natural (chemically loaded) products.  So, kiss it & make it better.

When we say, kiss it & make it better, we mean our wholesome products really, really work. Our gentle ingredients “kiss” your skin, body, lips and hair without harmful chemicals. And yet, they are so powerfully effective, that they “make it better.” Your skin is softer. Your teeth are whiter.  Your face is cleaner.  Your hair is shinier.

In a nutshell, our goal is to make powerfully effective products from Mother Nature’s best ingredients.  And, do it in a healthy, sustainable way.

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